The  MEMS  Research  Laboratory (MRL)  in  the  Department of  Physics  and  Astronomy  at  the 
Univeristy of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) was established in June 2004 by Dr.Arturo A Ayon
Areas of research include the utilization of MEMS actuators onphase array antennas, Nanotechnology,
CMOS-compatible microwave varactors, Negative index of refraction materials for imaging and other
photonic applications, sensor arrays, Micro-chemical reactors, Micropropulsion employing solid fuels.
This laboratory was made possible thanks  to Sony Electronic Inc, donation of  nearly $2  million  worth
of equipment as a way of "giving back to the community". With this generous donation UTSA will train
students for careers in micro and Nanotechnology areas which will be a gaint leap in turning UTSA into a
first-class research facility.









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