UTSA Nanophotonics and Laser Materials Research Laboratory

UTSA Biophotonics Research and Imaging Laboratory


Past Research Students (Current Associations as available)


1. Benjamin Zapata, M.S. (Schlumberger Limited)
2. Mark Byrd, Ph.D.
3. Charles Howard, M.S. (Dupont Photomask)
4. Christine Gheri, B.S.  (Southwest Research Institution)
5.  Mark Jurena, M.S. (Physics Department, UTSA)
6. Charles Cowger, B.S.
7. Fred Barrera, M.S. (Currently a Doctoral student in Physics, UTSA)     
8. Robin Rogers B.S.                                   
9. Jerry Sanders, M.S. (US Air Force)
10. Louis Levy, B.S. (Entrepreneur)
11. Babak Nemati, Ph.D. (Consultant)
12. Romeo Velarde-Montecinos, Ph.D.
13. Santiago Vizcarra, M.S. (Medical Physicist at a San Antonio Hospital)
14. Anwar Islam, Ph.D. (Professor of Physics in Mid East)
15. Peter Bella, M.S. (Alamo Area Community of Governments)
16. Anne (Mitchel) Olson, B.S. (Syracuse Research Corporation)
17. Ana (Avila) Lopez, B.S. (Raytheon)
18. Steven Stubblefeld, M.S.  (Raytheon)
19. Michael Kalifa, B.S. (Raytheon)
20. Thomas David, B.S.
21. Thomas Sweet, B.S., MBA (Citi Bank)
22. Brenda Novar, B.S. (Brooks City-Base)
23. Laura Aguilar, B.S.
24. Anthony Sayka, B.S., MBA (Maxim Integrated Products)
25. Robert Cocke, B.S. (US Air Force)
26. Filipe Salinas, Ph.D. (Post Doctoral Fellow at UT Health Science Center at San      Antonio)
27. Michael Mayo, (Ph.D. in Physics from UT Dallas; Currently Post Doc at UT Dallas)
28. Natalie Hill, B.S. (Southwest Research Institution)
29. Ginger M. Pocock, M.S. (Brooks City-Base)
30. David Wildberger, B.S.
31. Francisco Castano, B.S.
32. Marissa Hobbs, M.S.
33. Richard Knight, B.S.
34. William Bradley, (Ph.D. Student in Biomedical Engineering, Baylor College of      Medicine,  Houston)
35. John Perez, B.S.
36. Joshua Dickerson, B.S.           
37. Charles Russell, B.S. (Graduate student at Texas A&M)
38. Andrew Cristo, B.S.
39. Raylon Yow, M.S.
40. Epegba Willdavis, B.S.
41. Guang-Yin Swanland, B.S. (High School Teacher at San Antonio)
42. Tran Le, B.S.
43. Erik Schneider, B.S. (Advanced Micro Device)
44. Anmol S. Nijjar, B.S.
45. Rugved Nakade, B.S.
46. Roland Awusie, B.S.
47. Joyce Collins, M.S.
48. Cody Coeckelenbergh, B.S.
49. Douglas Dee, B.S. (Graduate student in Chemistry, UTSA)
50. Gajalakshmi Ganapathy, B.S. (Graduate studentin Electrical Engineering, UTSA)
51. Jeremiah Babcock, B.S.  (Ph.D. Student in Physics, UTSA)
52. Dincy Zachariah, M.S.
53. Kelly L. Nash, Ph.D. (Physics Faculty at UTSA) 
54. Sreerenjini Chandrasekharan (Ph.D. in Physics from UT at San Antonio)
55. Kenneth Ramsey, Undergraduate Physics Student
56. Nathan Ray, B.S. (Master Student at UT San Antonio)

Majority of these students are employed by companies such as Intel Corporation, Advanced Micro Device, Brooks City-Base, Southwest Research Institute, Sony Corporation, Syracuse Research Corporation, Raytheon Corporation, Schlumberger Oil Co., DuPont Photomask Inc., Cancer Therapy and Research Center (CTRC), Dynetics, Inc., and Alamo Area Council of Governments (AACOG).