PREM's Mission and Goals:

The PREM collaborative research project involving UTSA, Northwestern University, and the UT Health Science Center at San Antonio is aimed at developing new technologies for nanomedical applications while providing local high school, community college, and undergraduate students with research experience to help strengthen the community’s understanding of the bridge between science and life.  (Read more)

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PREM - Research Activites:

The PREM research collaborative combines the expertise of experimental physicists, theoretical physicists, biologists, and chemists to advance the integration of nanoscience with life sciences.  In particular, multi-functional nanoparticles will be explored in areas of neuroscience, smart fibers, medical applications, and terahertz applications.    (Read more)


Broader Impact of PREM:

The PREM collaboration facilitates the integration of the community in nanoscience.  Education outreach enables under-represented students from local high schools, community colleges, and undergraduates at UTSA to engage in cutting edge research under the mentorship of PREM graduate students.  (Read more)