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Dr. Kelly Nash
Assistant Professor

Office Phone: (210) 458-6153
Office: AET 3.378
Email: Kelly [dot] Nash [at] utsa [dot] edu

Areas of Specialization:

  • Optical Spectroscopy
  • Photonic Materials
  • Nanomaterials
  • Biophotonics

Research Interests:

Our group investigates various nanomaterials through their unique optical signatures. The goal is to understand the structure-function relationship of these materials through their unique optical signatures and responses in a variety of matrices. Some of the types of nanomaterials systems studied include functionalized nanoparticles, “decorated” nanoparticles,  and polymers embedded with nanoparticles. Compositions of these particles range from metal oxides, flourides and transition metal particles. Our fabrication techniques include wet chemical synthesis and characterization  techniques focus on optical spectroscopy (absorption, fluorescence, “all optical” photoacoustic, and microscopy). Additionally, we work with collaborators to establish unique applications for these materials, particularly in the area of biophotonics


Zannatul Yasmin, Maogen Zhang, Waldemar Gorski, Saher Maswadi, Randolph Glickman and Kelly L. Nash “Rare Earth Nanocomposites Based on Chitosan Platforms for Biological Applications.” MRS Proceedings Library, 1471 , mrss12-1471-yy08-14 doi:10.1557/opl.2012.1076 (2012).

Kelly L. Nash, Robert C. Dennis, Nathan J. Ray, John B. Gruber and Dhiraj K. Sardar. “Absorption Intensities, Emission Cross Sections and Crystal Field Analysis of Selected Intermanifold Transitions of Ho3+ in Ho3+:Y2O3 Nanocrystals,” J. Appl. Phys. 106 063117 (2009).

Kelly L. Nash, Robert C. Dennis, John B. Gruber and Dhiraj K. Sardar. “Intensity Analysis and Energy-Level Modeling of Nd3+ in Nd3+:Y2O3 Nanocrystals in Polymeric Hosts,” J. Appl. Phys. 105 033102 (2009) .