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Research in the physics and astronomy department can be broadly divided into the following categories:

Biophysics & Biophotonics
Condensed Matter Physics 
Space and Planetary Physics






Friday, Oct 24 at 3:00PM - Seminar
Optical and Electron Spectroscopy for Plasmonics
Dr. Emilie Ringe, Rice University
BB 3.04.18

Friday, Oct 17 at 3:00PM - Seminar
Black holes and neutron stars in globular clusters
Dr. Thomas Maccarone, Texas Tech University
BB 3.04.18

Friday, Oct 14 at 3:00PM - Seminar
The Large Millimeter Telescope: Current Status and Early Science Observations
Dr. David H. Hughes
BB 3.04.18

Friday, Oct 10 at 3:00PM - Seminar
Cosmic Reionization
Dr. Mark Holtz, Texas State
BB 3.04.18

Friday, Oct 3 at 3:00PM - Seminar
No Seminar - College of Science Conference

Friday, Sept 26 at 3:00PM - Seminar
Thermal properties of devices and nano structures
Dr. Mark Holtz, Texas State
BB 3.04.18

Friday, Sept 26 at 10:00AM - Guest Speaker
Study of electrical properties in low-alloys carbon steel with Si and Al by structural modification during heat treatment of the laminations
Dr. Armando Salinas Rodriguez, CINVESTAV
AET 3.328

Friday, Sept 19 at 3:00PM - Seminar
Z60, Phantaspheraurate
Dr. Robert Whetten, UTSA
BB 3.04.18

Friday, Sept 12 at 3:00PM - Seminar
"Seeing" atoms and Bonds with a Computer
Dr. James R. Chelikowsky, UT Austin
BB 3.04.18

Friday, Sept 5 at 3:00PM - Seminar
B-Mode Polarization of the Cosmic Microwave Background
Dr. Rafael Lopez-Mobilia, UTSA
BB 3.04.18